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Interesting Places!

Most places have regular transportation  - or even tours to help you enjoy without hassle. If you are renting a car, you can visit these places on your own - we have lots of mapping to help you.

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Tours and Excursions

Explore the Dominican Republic!

Your Travel Representative can help with more details. Visit a local tour agency to see the many great things to do. Most tours will arrange all necessary transportation to and from your hotel.

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Diving, Fishing, Watersports

Adventure and Action!

Browse our providers - they will take care of all the details for you and your friends.

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Art Gallery

Precious Momentos to take Home.

Don't miss the opportunity to find some great pieces of art while on vacation. Paintings and Sculptures will surprise and delight you! Many galleries allow you to meet the artist and get custom work. Have fun!

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Food & Drink

Restaurants - Bars - Beach Bars!

Browse our sponsored customers - Dominican and International Cuisine Standards are excellent!

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Night Club

When the Sun has set...

Enjoy the nightlife - browse our clubs near you! Taxis are available to get you there and back to your hotel.

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Gift Shop

Souvenirs and Memories.

Lots of great gifts and souvenirs are available. Enjoy some time shopping at the many small shops and stores!

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Shopping near you...

Browse our supermarkets and grocery stores.

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Beauty-Barber Salon

Beautify and Relax!

Browse our site for beauty salons and barber shops near you.

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Relax and Enjoy!

Browse our services for someone nearby. 

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Car Rental

Enjoy a Roadtrip!

One of the best ways to see the country - it is not too big - but yet so much to see!

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Real Estate Services

Affordable and Manageable!

Contact a Real Estate Professional to help you through the steps of buying or renting property.

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Legal Services

Contracts - Immigration - Legal Advice

We have a selection of Legal Professionals with contact information; and mapping information to their offices for your convenience.

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Medical Services

Medical Services are Nearby

Browse our Medical Professionals in the areas you are visiting. Medical Insurance is important so please check your situation before travelling.

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Dental Services

Emergency and General Care

Dominican Republic has many professional Dental hygienists - browse our servise to find someone near you.

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Prescriptions - Medications

Browse our Pharmacies for one near you.

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Activity Spotlight

Eric Tours
Sosua Beach
San Felipe Fortress
Puerto Plata
The Heroes Monument
Los Tres Ojos - The Three Caves
Santo Domingo

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